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Second Inventory
Second Inventory
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Second Inventory
  You are here : Tutorial Monday, 16 January 2017
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Activation Instructions :
  How to unpack your purchase if you bought the SI software in world

  • Make sure you are on land that allows to you to Rez items also make sure you are wearing any appropriate tag so that the SI program does not get returned while it is connecting to the server.

  • Set the package on the ground after recieveing it from the appropriate vendor either through Xstreet SL or the Second Inventory vendor. When you place it down it will connect to the server and you will recieve an activation code. After you recieve the activation code the SI package will ask you to delete it please do so at this time.

    IMPORTANT: Do NOT teleport yourself during the activation process and do NOT take back the object or delete it until the activation is done.

  • The object will give you a popup on your screen that request's you to open a web page please do so, or you can copy the URL the item gives you and that can take you to the website as well. Please make sure when you register on the website do not use your SL password just create a new password for the website.

  • Once the download to the newest version is complete you can click the SI icon on your desk top to begin. At this point when you return back to Second Life® be sure to join the Second Inventory Group or contact one of the members of the Second Inventory team to add you. This group is there for any questions you may have regarding Second Inventory

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST download SI to the computer you wish to back up your items on! Or if you need it on multiple computers there is an option to buy that as well on the website.
Second Inventory Manual : - Introduction -
  Once connected the Second Inventory login screen will appear up at the top there is a place for your SL name (first and last in the same field) and a place for your SL password. Just a side note here, the second inventory server only allows the name of the avatar to pass through to us not your SL password. We have blocked this to protect each and every one of our users!

We DO NOT have access to your SL Password and there is NO spy-ware connected to this program!! DO NOT try and logging in while you are in world. You will be logged out of SL completely and loose whatever you are working on.
When you log on with Second Inventory your Avatar will appear in world but you will not see or be in the grid just your avatar.

There are options of several grids available through Second Inventory for you to log onto to just on the other side of the password field there is a tab that has the default sim Second Life® there it is a drop down menu that gives you these options : Second Life®, SL Beta Grid, SL Teen Grid, Open Life, OS Grid, Lifesim, Cyberlandia, and Tribal Net
Preferences Tab in SI :
  Up at the top of Second Inventory there is a Preferences tab that allows you to tweak Second Inventory to your preferences

  • When this option is clicked the Preferences window comes up and the first window is the Serial Number tab here you can apply a serial number for Second Inventory and apply that.

  • SYSTEM FOLDERS: here you can choose the exact folder you wish your creations to be stored on your hard drive. This also allows you to disable the Second Inventory Cache or change where the folder for your asset codes are stored. At the bottom of this screen it shows you how many cached files there are and the size of the cache folder along with the opetion to empty the Cache for different grids.

  • COMMUNICATION TAB: this allows you to disable a group chat, Retrieve offline instant messages, and Auto Enter in Busy Mode at login options.
    There is also a field that allows you to modify your Busy Mode Message.

  • CUSTOM GRIDS TAB: this allows you to ADD Grids, Edit Grids, Remove Grid, Export Selected, and close. When you choose ADD GRID another window pops up and has fields for you to add the needed information needed to add the grid of your choice.

  • PERFORMANCE TAB: this tab allows you to control the login timeout (secs) and a field next to it that is the logout timeout (hours), It also allows you to enable object tracking, sim timeout and an option to send pings as well as connecting to Multiple simulators, Enable Simulators statistics, Send AGent Throttle, Send Agent Updates, Send Continious Updates (and a default option ) Try set appearance ( No Ruth) and an apply button next to it.

  • NETWORK: this allows you to see the Login in Protocol and change it also the Upload Protocol and the Proxy Settings.

  • RESTORE DELAY: this allows you to control the delay in Secondlife Engine and in the Opensim Engine.
Second Inventory Tabs:
  Once you are connected to Second Inventory there will be 6 tabs along the window. Those will indicate your RL inventory (what you have backed up) your SL inventory (what you have for the AV you are connected to) communication (able to IM or chat in world to those around you and on your friends list) Teleport (Where you wish to go in SL) Groups manager (groups you belong to) and a debug console (a verbose description of what is going on in SL at the time). Lets Take a look at those tabs individually now. . .
RL Inventory:
  This tab will tell you everything you have backed up on your computer. It helps you keep track of items that you have backed up and where you stored it on your hard drive. Once you have a few items backed up you will be able to view the properties in the Object Properties field off
to the right of the RL Inventory field. You will not be able to make
changes to your items here just view what you have backed up onto your hard drive. Once the object you wish to restore is chosen and you have right clicked the item and chosen open a window will appear entitled Prim Explorer. At the top of the window you will see the restore button you can use this to restore your prim objects in the grid of your choice. However the restore does not upload texture

Advanced Restore:
If you wish to upload the texture to your prim you must use the advance restore option that is in the drop down menu on the restore button. This Advance Restore is useful if the precious assets were lost and it is mandatory when you import an item into another grid. This happens because the other grids do not have the texture assets. Once Advance Restore is chosen it shows you the original Texture UUID, Desired Action to take (drop down menu) that allows you to use the Original Asset, upload new texture, or use existing Texture. When uploading a new texture for your item you must insert the new Texture UUID into the field entitled- New Texture UUID. When it is ready click the ready box and confirm changes at the bottom of the screen. You can also view the texture of the item by clicking view source. AT the bottom of the Advance restore window there is a box where you are able to rename the texture after you upload it and a box you must check to use the new label of the texture right next to it. Once you have uploaded it and assigned the texture a UUID and named it you can hit Confirm Changes or cancel.
SL™ Inventory:
  This tab once connected to the Server allows you to see everything your avatar owns in Second Life®. Double click on the items you wish to view then right click items you wish to back up it will give you a drop down menu of items to use and at the top is Backup Item!
You can also dress your AV without actually being in world. You also have the opportunity to organize your inventory and still be able to communicate with those in world. Once you have selected an item if you click on it a side panel will appear and allow you the opportunity to change aspects of said item as you would if it were in edit mode.
Most changes will only be allowed if you have permissions to change these items. The only screen you will be able to access is the first field or "general" tab in the edit mode in world. You will be able to rename the item or the description, change the owner or creator, when it was acquired, the group id, the permissions, and if it is for sale and how much.
You cannot back up items that are no copy, no transfer to your hard drive at this time to protect the TOS copy write laws. When you choose an item weather it be a shape, object. Image, sound, or anything else to back up just right click and choose back up item. When you do this, another window will open up it is entitled Prim Explorer (when opening prims). Within this window you are able to browse through the tabs up top to change the object or to view the contents just as you would within the edit menu in Second life®.
Up at the top to the right you will see the gray box that says restore and another that says backup. It is the same window that shows up when you try and restore an item from your hard drive.
Once in SL Inventory there are several options available to you we will go down that list now to help you understand everything that you are able to do within the program. Take and click an item you have full permissions to and right click it, you will see a drop down menu that lists the following: Edit object, Back up Item (HD), New Folder, Rename, Copy Asset UUID, Copy, Paste, Delete, Sort, Refresh Inventory, Attach, Detach from yourself, and Wear. We will go through each of the drop down menu options step by step so that you have a better idea of what they are for.
  • Edit Objects (from the drop down Menu):Once this sub tab is accessed it brings up the edit field similar to what you see in world. You will be able to change the properties of the item however you will not be able to view the results as you would in world.

  • Backup Folder: Right click a folder in the SL inventory and click Folder Backup to save the contents of the folder to your hard drive. When you do this it will download the folder information to the SL server that info is displayed on the right side of the screen. On the LEft side of the screen there are 3 main options they are :
    Start Backup: This will back up all items in the folder ( the items must be full perms or it will not backup the folder). OPTIONS: clicking this will open up a new window entitled BACKUP AND EXPORT PATHS. This allows you to specify where the items you wish to back up are placed within your hard drive. CANCEL : Obviously this cancels the folder backup. Underneath the three main option there is the Folder Content which allows you to see exactly what is in the folder there is also a Manual button that if when clicked allows you to select specific items in the folder you wish to back up.

  • Backup Item (HD): This is the second option in the drop down menu and basically does exactly what it states. However you will only be able to back up items that you have full permissions to. When the backup is complete another window will pop up and tell you the back up is complete and where exactly it was stored on your hard drive. When you open up Animations the Animation editor window will pop up, within this window you can modify the animation to your specifications. Going down the folders the editor window changes with each item you open up. Under body parts when you choose to open up the item the window that appears is entitled Wearable Item. From this window you can back up the item and actually view the wearable item that you are about to back up. Calling cards can be backed up but unable to change or view them at this time. Under the Clothes tab in SL inventory when you wish to open it and view the item the window that pops up is also the Wearable item tab. Continuing on to the gestures, when you wish to view this you will see that the window that pops up is entitled Gesture Editor. There is also a Landmark Editor that gives to you in detail the coordinates to the location on the landmark and as always the option to back it up; you may also teleport to the location from inside Second Inventory. ATTENTION: On the note card aspect of SI it is not yet reliable enough to create note cards and save them as of yet. The team is working on it as well as many other things for our clients but just a heads up when you open up a note card just copy it to a more reliable source for now to add your changes and post them and save them in world. When opening up Sounds there is a sound editor window that pops up where you have the option to view the properties of the sound as well as backing up the sound. Within Textures you are able to open up the image and the Texture editor window pops up and here you are able to view the image as well as back it up.

  • Rename: Gives you the opportunity to rename the item or folder of your choice.

  • Copy Asset UUID: This option just allows you to copy the UUID and paste it elsewhere such as a clipboard. The rest of the options here are self-explanatory and give you the same results as they do in Second Life®.
Communication Tab:
  This Tab will allow you to view your friend's list as if you were in SL it is a different format but easily managed. There are two tabs initially one for your contacts (If there is nothing under your contacts tab be sure to REFRESH your friends list and this will help) and the other entitled Near ME (that is conversations that are going on around your avatar IN WORLD. Under the Contacts tab you are able to see everyone online and allow him or her to see you or not you may allow him or her to mod your objects or even see you on the Map while you are working in Second inventory. You may also wish to just communicate through IM and that is possible to if you have more than one conversation going at one time there will be tabs that appear at the bottom of the communication screen with the names of those whom you are speaking with to help you keep things sorted out.
  This tab also allows you to teleport to other places in SL however you need to make sure of the Sim name and the proper coordinates of where you wish to land. You will also see there is a feature that allows you sit in SL to avoid any griefers it is called Safe Sit. There are also option to find an UUID of an object you wish to sit on as well as Sit on object, Sit on ground, stand up and create and sit
Groups Manager
  Here you are able to keep track of the groups you are in see the info on members and role, check past notices or send new ones and join or leave any group you wish.
Debug Console
  This is merely a screen to show any errors, messages, or warnings that happen while you are in Second Life® through Second Inventory. There is no interaction on this screen and only meant for information on what is happening through the program now

Now that you have had an overview of how this program works please feel free to contact any of the members of Second Inventory or the Chat group for more questions or comments regarding Second Inventory .
No more worries about loosing precious inventory items or scripts and no more worrying about being completely dependant on Linden to keep track of the millions of items in your inventory!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Second Inventory team they will be eager to help in anyway they can.

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