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Second Inventory
Second Inventory
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::: IMPORTANT: - Invalid URI - Patch Released
::: Stored Inventory was listed on the Third-Party Viewer Directory
::: Stored Inventory was released
::: Stored Inventory is out
::: Stored Inventory (uh?) (TOS compliant) was released

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Second Inventory
  You are here :  News Monday, 16 January 2017
Second Inventary
IMPORTANT: - Invalid URI - Patch Released
released an important Patch in order to fix the error: Invalid URI. Download the ZIP file and extract it inside the SI folder.

Mirror 1 (Italy) http://mirror1.secondinventory.com/download/URI-patch-1215.zip

Mirror 2 (USA) http://mirror2.secondinventory.com/download/URI-patch-1215.zip

We strongly suggest to apply the Patch asap.

Stored Inventory was listed on the Third-Party Viewer Directory
Stored Inventory (formerly Second Inventory) was listed as legit backup tool on the Third-Party Viewer Directory, you can check it out by yourself here: http://viewerdirectory.secondlife.com

Stored Inventory was released
The most important feature is the new Avatar Verifier, it allows you to add as many avatars as you own in any grid with just one click, directly from SI.

Another nice news is that the Restore rules have been loose a bit in order to avoid issues when porting stuff from Opensim to SL.

Stored Inventory is out
A 'less severe' version of Second Inventory was released.
We removed some excessive copyright issues. It's still TOS compliant but it's more flexible, now you can import backed up stuff with any avatar you own, in any grid.

Fixed a bug with wearables (clothes and body parts) that prevented them to be imported in third party grids.

Don't forget to add all your avatars into your avatar list, if they are not verifiable in SL you can ask to Nereo Albatros to verify them.

Stored Inventory (uh?) (TOS compliant) was released
We had to remove some capabilities decreasing the performances but at least we can still use it. We'll publish a report with all the missing features as soon as we can. For now, we can say, not shamelessly, that we miss our original name... No, it wasn't a typo, SI now means Stored Inventory

Enjoy it :(

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